How to make ice cream – Vanilla Flavor…..

How to make ice cream – Vanilla Flavor

Many people don’t realize that ice cream has been around for a long, long time! Way before the invention of electricity, ice cream can be traced back to 4000 BC. In the 1st century AD the Roman Emperor Nero (yes, like the software) had ice brought down from the mountains and combined it with fruit toppings. More


What is Benefit of chocolate….

These types of chocolate may be produced with ordinary cacao beans (mass-produced and cheap) or specialty cacao beans (aromatic and expensive) or a mixture of these two types. The composition of the mixture, origin of cacao beans, the treatment and roasting of beans, and the types and amounts of additives used will significantly affect the flavor and the price of the final chocolate. More

How To Diet In Healthy and Just …

A. Enter a full menu of food that have high fiber in your eating habits.Start by taking good cholesterol and bad cholesterol as much as possible to avoid (LDL). healthy foods including lots of colorful vegetables require (especially green), fruits, grains and other high fiber foods in your diet. More

What are the health benefits of fruit sirkaya?

* Ascorbic acid increases the amount of antioxidants in the body. It helps fight against free radicals in the body and helps keep the number of infections and disorders at bay. More

Tips to Treat Sore Throat…

1. Drinking warm water
2. Gargle with warm salt water.
3. Eating fruits. More

How To Maintain Nail Hygiene …

1.  Remove old nail polish if you wear nail polish.
To remove old nail polish, cotton and given aceton take up wet and left to stand for a second above the nail. Do not be rubbed. Rubbing enough just to avoid cuticle. More

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