Former Acne Eliminating

Former Acne Eliminating

Former eliminate Acne – Naturally for very prioritizes appearance, acne on the face of very make bete, a little or a lot of acne scars left behind a crisis of confidence can sometimes make the sufferer. One thing is for sure an effort to overcome this disease has a lot to discuss her ranging from the traditional scientific method until, well I want to say here before we figure out a solution to overcome and eliminate acne is useful to know in advance the causes and types – types of acne who come over to you so that we can prevent it coming back and remove acne scars are left behind.

Causes of Acne
A. The blockage layer of dead skin on the infected pores.
2. Oil production by oil glands that are too excessive.
3. Descendants factors / genetic
4. Hormonal factors when a child is a teenager (puberty).
5. The presence of skin irritation.
6. Is experiencing stress.
7. Use of contraceptives such as birth control pills, and so forth.

former jerawatJenis – Types of Acne
A. Classical acne (common acne)
It looks easy to spot the tiny pink bumps or redness. Common causes are stress, hormones and moist air triggers the skin to produce oil that became breeding grounds for bacteria. As a result of clogged pores due to infection with the bacteria.

Prevention & Treatment
Use a facial soap with benzoyl-peroxide, or sulfur soap to kill the bacteria causing jerawat.Bila with-the-counter acne medication does not work, go to a dermatologist to check it out at once to get prescription acne medication containing vitamin A derivatives like Retin-A .
To reduce inflammation and kill bacteria, use acne medications containing benzoyl-peroxide.
Antibiotic ointment containing medicines such as Garamicyn (can be purchased free) one of them, can be tried. This ointment can kill bacteria and reduce inflammation are also swelling.

2. Stone Acne / Acne Corn
Great shape with great inflamed bumps, gathered in almost all areas of the face (in contrast to ordinary acne that are found only in one part of the face). This often makes acne disappear penderitanyah kepercaan themselves.

Prevention & Treatment
It’s useless if you use drugs – OTC acne medicine because it will not be able to handle this type of acne. You should consult a dermatologist to treat it. For cystic acne that only one-two, an effective cure is to ask your dermatologist acne injected with cortisone, which makes acne is cured within 48 hours.

How to Eliminate Acne Used
There are some natural tips below you can try one of them, namely:
Method 1: Take a piece of cassava. Peel the skin. Discard the skin. Clean. Parutkan. Dairy to get water. Brush water on your face milking existing acne scars. Do it every day for a week.

Method 2: Mash a few sticks of cinnamon bark and make a powder. Mix with a little water. Brush on acne scars. Do it for a week.

Method 3: Take 10 sireh young leaves, Clean and mashed creamed. Let face cleaned with lukewarm water and brush sireh in advance, especially on the acne scars. Allow about half an hour or until dry. Wash your face clean and dry cloth. Do 3 times a week.

Method 4: Sharpening cinnamon bark and mix with honey bees.Glue on the face of acne scars every night. The next day, wash it with lukewarm water / lukewarm.

Method 5: before bathing, usapkanlah klutuk banana skin (stone) that has been cooked on the skin. Allow about 10 minutes, as if you’re dimasker. After that, rinse with water stale tea, and a new bathroom, or the second way is to smooth the old nut seeds, mixed with rose water.

Info – info on the above may collect from various sources can provide results for you who are looking for a solution to solve the problem that caused from acne scars. Consider also how to shrink the stomach healthy tips and how to treat nail right here.Well if it’s time listening to the tips above action to remove acne scars naturally.


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