Shrinking the stomach tips

Shrinking the stomach tips

Potbelly is actually caused by an unhealthy lifestyle and eating much fast food or junk food. Besides the lack of activity and too much sitting can also cause stomach to be bloated. Well for Fabeluna friend who has a problem with belly fat, let’s look at how to shrink the stomach following tips:

– Drinking Water
With emphasis on drinking water can dilute the concentration of sodium in the body thereby increasing the amount of water coming out of the system. In addition to drinking water can also ensure effective functioning of bile to remove waste.

– Eat It Slowly
For friends who want to shrink the stomach should avoid eating quickly, because if the friend ate quickly the air will be captured in the intestine and can form a gas that can trigger the stomach to be bloated. For the start and get used to eating slowly.

– Reduce Consumption of Pure Sugar
Should reduce the consumption of pure sugar, as it will stop the process of burning food in the body, to avoid foods that contain low fat.

– Reduce Salt Consumption
Too fat to consume salt in the diet can add extra sodium to the body fluids in the body and slow mechanisms. So that the stomach will feel full and bloated.

– Avoid Stress
Stress can increase appetite and lead us into trouble sleeping, so forbid stress as early as possible by doing a refreshing or trying to sleep early. And avoid sleeping after eating, especially at night, since sleep after eating will make us become more distended stomach.

– Sports
With regular exercise can eliminate or reduce belly fat. Because the exercise will help move the fluid in the abdomen, causing a big belly will make the network and enter the bloodstream and excreted as sweat. Matching exercise to shrink the stomach is to do brisk walking, push ups, aerobics and other sports.

That many ways tips to shrink the stomach, the friend who has a problem with belly fat, please try yach tips above. In addition to the friend who likes to watch Korean movies Dream High can see my article on high 2 synopsis dream and dream ost high 2. Thank you and good luck … ^ ^


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