Tips For Healthy Hair

 Tips For Healthy Hair
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Published on December 3-01 – 2010 | 12 – Following is the tip of the tradition of Ayurveda (Ayurveda is atraditional Indian medical system) who lived 5,000 years of beauty and hair health:Start with a set meal. Choose foods that contain green vegetables and sweet fruits. Milkproducts and yogurt are also good for hair. Similarly, the coconut.
Avoid processed or canned foods. Ayurveda says that foods with artificial preservativesand chemical additives will not provide nutritional benefits to the body and the body.Cold drinks also disrupt the process of digestion and assimilation of nutrients.
Seasonings like black pepper beneficial for healthy hair. Add this seasoning to the soupor other dishes.
Avoid stress because it can have serious repercussions in the long run and affect hair color. Try to set the time and work to minimize stress. Do a relaxation / meditation.
Stay away from harsh chemical products to buy amoxicillin without prescription candamage the hair. Find a shampoo and conditioner natural and gentle, especially whenyou wash your hair three times a week.
Massage the scalp with coconut oil or olive oil stimulates and gives moisture to the scalp.
Do not comb your hair with a hair brush when wet. @ diy

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