Nail Care Tips For Kept Clean

Nail Care Tips For Kept Clean

Caring for Nails, Nail Care Tips For a Clean Well-maintained nails tips of the most sought after today. Clean and beautiful is not just represented by how fragrant aroma of your body, but also represented by your fingernails and toenails.

Nail hygiene is very important for us, in addition to maintaining the beauty of the well to maintain health. Can be done with nail care and pedicures menikur. Do menikur and pedicure turned out to be done by women in his free time at home. That is, women can get the finger and toe nails in just 30 minutes of treatment (once a week).

Here are some tips on care for your nails.

A. Remove old nail polish if you wear nail polish.
To remove old nail polish, cotton and given aceton take up wet and left to stand for a second above the nail. Do not be rubbed.Diusapkan enough just to mengjindari cuticle.

2. Trim and cut the nails if it is long and irregular.

3. Soak your fingers and toes, use warm water with soap, lemon juice or olive oil. This will remove impurities and soften cuticles.Drain and clean it with a special brush.

4. Push the cuticle. Never cut your cuticles as it will cause infection.

5. Apply hand cream and foot then rub it for 5 minutes. Dry with a way of patting with a towel warmer. Repeat the first step to remove the oil.

6. Use nail polish. Start from the center of the nail, then down the right or left aside.

7. Nail polish will usually dry in 90 seconds, but that is completely dry and without a trace leave to dry for 15 minutes.

Nail maintenance does not stop just clean and use a moisturizing cream. Here are additional tips to maintain healthy nails.

A. Stress was found to affect the health condition of the nail.
Use a serum that works to strengthen nails are commonly referred to as nail strengthener. Whenever possible, avoid the first use of nail color.

2. Do not use your nails as tools.
Avoid using fingernails to open the lid or mencukil so nails are not broken.

3. Protect your nails when doing household chores everyday, such as washing clothes or dishes. Detergents can dry and brittle nails make.

4. Stop biting your nails.
In addition to not harmonious, this practice causes the nails to be jagged, easily chipped and broken.

5. Do not let your nails grow too long. Nails are too long will be difficult for you to perform daily activities. In addition, the nails are too long are also prone to breaking and peeling.


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