Tartar or “calculus” made of plaque and calcium in the saliva.Plaque itself is made up of layers of nodes in the tooth (perikel) and germs. In the mouth there are more than 350 types of germs that can cause caries. If the tooth or between teeth there are many foods that are not in the clear then the bacteria will digest the food, will eventually cause cavities.

Tartar is firmly attached to the teeth and can only be cleaned with scaller, or the extractor tool by dentists.

Tartar color yellow at first, over time can be dark brown or blackish in accordance with the habits like smoking or drinking coffee.

Dental tartar can cause rocking and easy to date because of a decrease gums, swollen gums, bleeding gums especially when brushing teeth, and halitosis (bad breath). Your left hand can also dislodged

Coral Dental calculus whose other name is dirt in the mouth is attached to the teeth for long periods so that over time will harden and petrified that it is difficult to brush my teeth cleaned. In terms of appearance tartar is less eye-catching, so for those concerned about the appearance should be cleaned with a fine and true.

Everyone in generating disparate tartar in the mouth. There are easily formed and there is also a long time depending on environmental conditions in the formation of the mouth, the content in the saliva (spit), the food we eat, the condition of the teeth, the type of bacteria that exist in our mouths, and others.

To remove calculus or tartar should not be done alone or use an object or a chemical drug that is not clear. To clean the tartar should come to a good dentist who practices in homes, hospitals, clinics, health centers, and so forth. If you do not have much money should come to the clinic or other health centers that could be affordable.Ask your dentist to clean up your tartar scaling techniques and other means.

Using the wrong way it will only worsen the situation that was fine. If you are determined to clean up with stones, knives, metal, sharp objects, etc. then maybe that would be eroded enamel of our teeth is very important, or even can lead to infections and germs in the bag of teeth and gums. To be safer should come to the dentist only (not the dentist) so that your teeth can go back to usual and remain healthy and strong.

Calculus in order not to return to our teeth, we can do some preventative measures tartar as follows below:

A. Diligent brushing your teeth after meals and at bedtime with a definite teeth / toothpaste to prevent plaque.

2. Diligent, clean drinking water while rinsing out his mouth.

3. Diligently clean up the leftover food / plaque at the corner and between the teeth with dental floss.

4. Diligent rinsing his mouth with a cleaner mouth / dental floss that could prevent plaque tartar.

5. Diligent or eat fruits and vegetables because the fiber helps to remove food residue on the teeth and gums.


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