How To Wear Contact Lenses and Release (Softlens)

How To Wear Contact Lenses and Release (Softlens)
LEAVE A COMMENT 2011 Written By ASEPThe first time you wear contact lenses or commonly referred to now with the soft lens, maybe you’ll feel a bit scared and it’s very reasonable, but after you wear them continuously, you’ll get used to his long time as you wear it.

Below steps soft lens wear;

* First step *

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly before you touch the soft lens. Strongly advised to wash hands using soap or a baby with a special soft lens cleaning fluid, because the baby has a softness own soap on your hands than the other soaps soap, and you should avoid using soaps that contain detergents to wash your hands anda.Selanjutnya, dry your hands first with a clean towel or tissue.

* The second step *

The best way is to take the soft lens wear soft lens from the contact lens in place and placing it on the tip of the index finger anda.Selanjutnya, with a mirror, pull down your lower eyelid with your index finger on the finger contained softlens telunjuknya.Lalu, pull up your upper eyelid with your index finger of your hand that does not exist at the end of the soft lens of his eye sight and point you in the direction atas.Kemudian, put a soft lens on the bottom of the white of your eye (hold your eyes in order not to blink before softlensattached).

* Step three *

After a soft lens stuck in your eye, immediately close your eyes, and Blink your eyes several times, in order to find the position of the right soft lens on your eye. Next, do the same thing in your eye that you do not often wear terpasang.Apabila and with a little practice, you will be adept at using soft lens quickly without problems again.

Below are the steps off softlense;

* First step *

Prepare a place to put a soft lens and mata.Kemudian drops, make sure you’ve washed your hands thoroughly before touching the soft lens. Do not forget to wash your hands you are advised to use baby soap or liquid cleanser with a soft lens, because the baby soap is softer than other soaps and avoid containing detergent soap because soap containing detergents are harsh and panas.Jika your eyes feel dry, before removing the soft lens in your eye is better eye drops drops in your eye with special eye drops liquid soft lens. This fluid is useful so that your eyes do not feel dry and remove the soft lens memepermudah.

* The second step *

Go to the top of your eyelid and lower eyelid with your middle finger to pull with your hands that will remove the soft lens in the eye anda.Dan the lower lid, the middle finger of your hand that does not remove the soft lens in the upper lid of your eye. Do not be afraid to put the index finger of your hand which will release the soft lens attached to the soft lens in the eye because you will not feel sakit.Dan if you could feel fear and doubt and to put your finger on the soft lens that will be off, so that your fingers shaking. You will feel pain in your eyes because your fingers will move where where you in the eye so that shifts the soft lens in your eye and cause pain in the eye anda.Setelah, with your index finger down the soft lens movement on the part of your eye color putih.Lalu , press the soft lens with your forefinger and your thumb and lift the soft lens of your eye the white of your eye outward.

* Step three *

Put the soft lens in place a soft lens is provided. Place soft lens should be soft to avoid blisters. And away from dusty adagar softlens kebersihannya.Lakukan maintained the same thing in your eye that has not released its soft lens. (Fir.02)


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