Clothing Tips for Choosing a suitable form of body

Clothing Tips for Choosing a suitable form of body
Here are tips and tricks to dress according to body shape
Pear shape: avoid dresses that are too tight, the shape of this dress will emphasize your body shape. Pilihlan dress with accents on the upper body to shift from the bottom perhtian
Apple shape: choose a dress with details that draw the line around the neck. This will make switching attention from abdominal area
Botish shape: we may choose a dress with lots of detail. Choose a dress with a more feminine body shape to maximize our
Hourglass shape: you may freely choose the form of dress that you like.
Pear shape: choose a skirt that will help lower body look slim, eg for dark colors, especially on the bottom and avoid flashy colors from the waist down
Apple shape: a pencil skirt is great for you that the prohibition of this type
Botish shape: layered skirt with a pattern of flowers can make you more beautiful
Hourglass shape: a skirt with a fitted cut will look good if you use
Jeans / shorts or longPear Shape: Use dark colored trousers, and have a pattern that is wider at the heel
Apple Shape: pants that used to be simple, not too much detail. Avoid a large bag.
Boyish Shape: You are built like this are lucky, you can use the fitting pants or skinny jeans.
Hourglass Shape: Jeans or pants that are fitted on the body would look ok on your body
The Best Dress Tips For You
A. Body With Big Breasts (Big Bust)
This body shape is very easy to look fatter if one chose the clothes.
Well, to outsmart that does not look fat, choose clothing that shaped empire waistline.Some tips for those who have a body with large breasts:
Choose clothing that is wider
Do not ever take off her bra. Use a comfortable bra with straps (this is the key to your large breasts).
Avoid the use of dress spaghetti straps. By wearing clothes that newfangled spaghetti straps so you can not use a bra.
Also avoid clothing with which to cover the neck neckline, this will create the impression of a bigger chest
2. Slim body and Small (Petite)
For those of you who are small and slender, the proportion is the key in the dress. Do not delegate your body with a tiny forms. To get around the tiny body, here are some tips for those who have little body.
Choose clothing that has the color and texture other than volume.
Always use your high heels to look taller.
Be careful with the long dress. Clothes that are too long can make you look shorter.
You should also add rusching on the chest (bust line) to create a volume on the chest.
Add to this the use of accessories for your dress look, but choose the accessories that have a structure not too big.3. Apple Shape
Blessed is she who has the shape of the body such as body shape apple shape looks perfect for many types of underwear models.
Model-neck empire line dress is perfect for apple shape body with a solid waist because it can make your body look long and linear.
You can also choose a model A-Line dress is lightweight and also clothes that have a pattern that will also make your body look long and linear.
4. Pear Shape
Choose clothing with a subordinate of a subordinate model of the flow (fluid bottom) to cover a large hip.
A fresh-looking style is a loose tunic dress that can distract people’s eyes to look to your upper body and lower body covered most of your problems. P
asangkan with a small clutch bag filled with decorations compared to a big bag like a roomier bag.
5. Boy Shape
To get around this body shape is to provide a touch of clothing that can give the illusion that creates a feminine shape.
Halter styling and V-shaped collar is the best solution to give a feminine form of the body.
With a halter style. You can show the beautiful shape of your neck while the collar-V can attract more attention because it opens the chest.
6. The Small Breast deal
Size does not matter? wekss … for women’s sizes in certain parts of the problem,  especially when only 32A bra size, and even then disumpel wear additional padding.These tips nih let him be more confident without the ‘pillow chest’.

Choose a shirt with a collar V. This will form the collar a little help camouflage the size of the chest
Do not use clothes that are too tight, because you aakan the highlight deficiencies
Clothing motif can also give a different impression. So, choose clothing with a pattern that is more detailed and can menyarukan view. For example, floral.
Avoid using the clothes the model is too complicated / lots of detail on the chest … such a bersliweran lace here and there (after all the time guns already boo …


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