how to choose a good underwear

Knickers One vote can cause a variety of complaints in the genitals and surrounding areas. From allergies to vaginal discharge.Mrs V shape made up of two women is the labia majora and labia minora labia. “Which is an ideal, thick outer lips, inner lips thin. If the woman has a thick outer lips and inner lips too thick, it will shut down sex with very tight.

Mrs V Plus area is prone to micro-organisms because of its proximity with the release of the rectum which is a hole. Consequently, microorganisms that are on the rectum more easily move to Mrs. V. If the vagina moist atmosphere, microorganisms grow more fertile.

That is why, choosing underwear models g-string which covers only a fraction Mrs V without covering your butt, not a wise action. Especially if worn all day. The buttocks rub together which will eventually lead to irritation. This irritation can be a development of the fungus. When the mold is left, which will develop into an infection resulting in vaginal discharge.

Tips for Choosing Knickers

A. Adjust By Body Shape Model
Form of buttock
Down if the shape and width, underwear models g-string is clearly not suitable.Gravitational pressure from the buttocks, instead will cause friction between the penygga with our sex organs so easy to blister the skin.

Paunchy and wide hips.
Choose underwear models full figure or a maxi, for protecting whole areas of the sex organs, so comfortable and well worn.

Slim, tall and still tight berbokong.
May choose thong or mini models. To create the impression section, or if the party who was wearing a tight dress, choose the model g-string or thong underwear that form does not print on the dress. But avoid using this model for a long time considering this model does not protect the bottom completely.

2. Made of Cotton
Panties of cotton which still remains the safest as everyday underwear, which was for sensitive skin. Cotton can absorb sweat well and easy to clean. Cotton creates a feeling cool and comfortable.

Use of panties for everyday of the nylon material is not recommended given the texture of the material makes us swelter. Nylon panties too easily lead to the area moist vagina so that bacteria and fungi proliferate easily, because the material does not absorb sweat.

3. Note Mixed Material
Sometimes manufacturers of cotton blends with other materials such as spandex, lycra, latex, silk, nylon or vinyl to make a strecth panties.

On those who are sensitive skin, mix the ingredients above, the risk of irritation. Who sign up are usually red spots and feels hot and itchy skin which in contact with the underwear. Pants must be worn in the lace.

4. Note the size
Find a fitting reply size. Do not select underwear is too tight or loose. Make sure your skin is not depressed by the underwear. If there are signs of distressed leather, means you need panties with a larger size.

Choose a piece of his groin underwear which is so narrow that the movement of the foot more freely.



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