How to Make A Bolu Cake…

Cake or sponge cake (English: cake) is a pastry made from flour (usually wheat flour), sugar, and eggs. Sponge cake and the cake usually ripened with roasted in the oven, although there is also a steamed sponge, for example: cake broiled or steamed brownies.Cake is decorated with a layer (icing) of butter cream (buttercream), fondant, or marzipan cake called (tart).
Developer of the most popular materials used to make muffins or cake is baking powder, baking soda, and developer types of pasta (usually bright yellow and is packaged in a small bowl). Baking powder is usually more active when used as a developer because they contain acid. But basically, these two types of the same raw material that is bicarbonate. If baking powder is used too much, the cake will expand and big holes.
For developer types of pasta, usually are emulsifiers or binding material and liquid fat (eggs were considered to be liquid, red). So the developers of this type typically used for many types of sponge cake. For the cream cake recipe, do not wear anything that’s okay, because it does not contain a lot of fluids.
Know your oven before making the cake / cake Character oven is different, both gas oven, electric stove or oven. Before making a cake / cake should you need to know the nature of the oven as well.
There is an oven which if used, the bottom of the cake is cooked but the top is still wet. oven temperature should also be examined.Because the hot oven depending on the cake that we bake. Is the cake was thick, or thin (such as to make rolls, red), or do we bake some cookies at once.
The cause of the failure of Bolu We Make – Cake
Another cause of failure is now shaking the dough, but because these things overlooked in the above example can also sometimes on sponge cake, whipping eggs and sugar has not been expanded, but the recipe has been added to other ingredients.
The other thing to note also is the mold. For this type of sponge cake, spread with margarine mold that has been better covered again with baking paper, so that the cake is sticky when cooked.While on the type of cream cake, mold no longer covered with baking paper. “Because this type of cake it’s been a lot of fat, so it is more easily separated from the mold.
But there are also the type of cake that is hostile to fat. Ie for chiffon cake, mold or baking pan may not contain oils or fats. If not, then the cake will not be fluffy and high.
To Make Butter types of Bolu – Cake
Butter or butter in the English language, made of beaten cream. The majority has a milk fat content (80 percent). The rest is water and milk solids. There are fresh butter and some are salty.
Sometimes called a regular margarine or hard brick margarine made from vegetable oils. The addition of milk solids at regular margarine to make it not much different from the butter. In the margarine also contained water, dyes, additives, including vitamins A and D. Such as butter, hard margarine has 80 percent fat.
Usually, to make use unsalted butter bread. Besides taste, the durability of these two types of butter are also different. Salted butter tends to be more durable because there is salt in salted butter can act as a preservative.
The other type, Cultured butter, contains 80 percent milk fat.Available in a choice of sauce, a little salty, and tasteless. Butter has been given additional substance that makes it unique.
There is also Whipped butter, the butter that has experienced an increase in volume by absorbing air in it. No wonder the rasanyapun softer and easily applied. Moreover, when cooled, form is not easily changed.
Medium light / calorie-reduced butter is butter that has only 60 percent milk fat and milk for the water content more dense. Light butter teroles easily blended. However, if you try hard with a light butter substitute for baking, the texture of baked goods will be more gentle.
Health is the best choice for margarine. And what about butter? Use butter for the type of cuisine that relies on butter as the main flavor.For example, butter cookies, pound cakes, or flaky croissants.
If by chance you run out of butter, hard margarine you can use as a replacement. Remember, use soft margarine in the butter dish that will make proper use of texture and volume you are different dishes.
Other Tips To Make Bolu – Cake:
Note the recipe, takarlah materials appropriately and follow the stages of manufacture.
Prepare the equipment before making a cake. Do not let your dough is ready, while not yet prepared baking dish.
Preheat the oven about 15 to 20 minutes before use. Idela hot cake for between 175 to 200 degrees celsius. And do not forget, identify the properties of your oven.
To test doneness, you can pierce the center with a clean stick. If the lift when there is no batter attached, it means the cake is cooked enough. Immediately remove from oven and remove from mold. do not be left in place in the oven too long, because the maturation process will continue.

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