How to Make Balado Cassava Chips…

Balado cassava chipsCassava Chips Ingredients:1 kg of cassava
2 tsp whiting, dissolved in 300ml water

Balado Seasoning ingredients:

8 cloves of garlic
150 grams of red pepper curls
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
1 1/2 tsp salt
Enough oil for sauteing.

How to Make Cassava Chips Balado:

Peel the cassava and wash
Thinly sliced cassava using the slicer
Soak in water containing a little salt and lime. Lift and clean
Soak again in water
Slices are fried cassava with a lot of oil and the fire was.
Fry until cooked. Remove and drain

How to Make Seasoning Balado:

Peel red peppers, remove seeds
Puree the garlic and red pepper
Saute garlic and crushed red pepper that has been until fragrantand slightly dry
put sugar and salt. Stir constantly until smooth.

Settlement in making cassava chips Balado:

After all ingredients are well blended and sugar is melted, removepan from the heat
In warm conditions, enter the cassava chips and stir until all ingredients mixed well Balado and cassava chips attached.
Leave to dry and not sticky
Once cool, cassava chips balado ready packed later.


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