how to make it look not fat…. – Every woman will want to look beautiful and attractive. One aspect that is often overlooked is the issue of looking body shape. Good body shape, slim, slender and ideal, usually the more support the appearance, making women feel more confident. However, not all women have a slim body shape, is not it? What about women who are not slim and has a body with a rather large size? Could not they look good and confident? I think not, because a lot of tips and tricks that can be done so that they can look slimmer and slimmer.

If you belong to a group of women is a big man, do not worry. You only need to choose the style of clothing and accessories and makeup to fit in order to look slimmer. Thus, any excess body can be more highlighted, and the lack of which there can be disguised.Here are some tips that you can try:

Makeup is one of the important elements in the supporting performances. You are a big man usually has a slightly chubby face shape. For that, use eyeshadow, eyeliner and mascara to further highlight and enlarge the eye area. More highlighted part of the eye will make your face look thinner. Avoid using blush on the cheekbone. Also avoid using a sweep of blush on the cheekbones back towards the brow.
You can also use a bronzer to give color to the skin. Bronzer or a bronzing powder is a kind of copper-colored powder with golden shimmer. Besides bronzer, you can also use the tanning so the skin looks brownish. Tanning bronzer or you can use on the cheeks and this will give the impression of more length to your face to look thinner.

Form a rather short legs and large can interfere with your performance. Especially if you have to wear clothes that show your legs. To disguise the flaws in your legs, you can use make up on foot. It may sound a bit ridiculous. However, you need to know that the trick is powerful enough to help you look slimmer. Give your feet along the line exactly in the middle of the leg (the tibia) using oil, so it would look more shiny. This glow will make your legs look longer, so you can look slimmer.
Women who have large calves can outsmart his appearance in order to appear more confident. Outsmart way is to avoid clothes that focus on the area around the calf. For example, avoid wearing leggings, skinny jeans, baloon skirt. Also avoid ankle strap shoes. Use clothing that further highlight the upper body. Wear tops that berdetail interesting, using accessories that are striking, the obi to emphasize the waist line. Most importantly, use the same high-heeled shoes for the body and legs seem longer and slimmer.

The part that is not less important to note is the problem of hair. The hair is tousled, messy, and unruly usually will make your face look wider. However, you can work around this by choosing a hairstyle that can make the face seem smaller and longer. You can also use the style slicked back hair. Make sure you choose a hairstyle that fits your face shape, hair style that is a model that would give the impression of a longer and slimmer in your face.

The color of clothing / fashion
Avoid clothes with colors that are too bright. Clothing that is too bright and sunny will further show the areas that you want to disguise. Colors black and navy blue dress is the most appropriate choice to make the body look slimmer. Dark color of the clothing subordinates (skirt or pants) will add to the impression of height to your body. If you do not like these colors, you can choose another color, but make sure you choose a color with the same tone.

Motif or style clothing
Choose clothing with a motif or a vertical striped pattern. Tips and tricks have been done a lot of people so fat body look thinner. Note also the size and the distance between the vertical lines. The thick line size (not thin) and the distance between the line width is not quite effective enough to make you look slimmer. Therefore, select a striped pattern of thin vertical line and is rather tight. Wear a skirt, trousers (pants), blouses, t-shirts and even a striped dress. Vertical line pattern will also make you seem taller. In order to look taller you can also use long pants and a little cover up to the shoe. In addition to vertical line pattern, you can also use asymmetrical stripes such a long tunic to give an impression on the upper body.

Clothing sizes
You also need to consider the size of the clothes that you are using. Many people choose clothes that are too tight or too loose to be able to look slim. This is certainly not appropriate, because the clothes are too tight it will be more to show the deficiencies in your body, while the clothes are too loose will only cover the advantages and strengths that should be your highlight. It certainly will raise a big impression on your body. To that end, large-bodied person should wear clothes that fit a reasonably sized (not too tight nor too loose) and according to the size of your body.

If you like the skirt, avoid skirts that are too short or too long. Skirts are too short will make your legs look thicker (large), while the skirts are too long will only add volume and body fat impressed.

Blazers and cardigans
Dark blazer is a pretty good choice, because it will highlight the shape of the body such as accentuate the waist and hips. Cardigan will also give effect / impression streamline the body. You can choose the model of a cardigan with a longer piece models.
Posture is a very important element of one’s appearance. What is meant here is the attitude posture and body carriage. Poor posture certainly will not help you to look slimmer. In addition, it also reflects the discomfort and lack of confidence. Therefore, stand up straight if you want to look more sleek and stylish.

High heels
High-heeled shoes and sandals option is a must for any woman who wants to look slimmer. In addition to more streamlined, this option will certainly make you look taller. If you feel a little less familiar and comfortable wearing high heels, you can try heel shoes and sandals are rather low.

Play on accessories if you want to highlight the advantages to your body. Some kinds of accessories that can be used as jewelry, scarves, belts, hats, and more. Use the accessories on the body that you want to highlight and otherwise do not use accessories in the area / body part to be disguised. For example, for those who have large waist should not use too many accessories at the waist and abdomen.
Those are some tips and tricks you can do to disguise the shape of your body to look slimmer and slimmer. Of all the tips that have been described above, the most important and still be shared by all women is a sense of self-acceptance as a form of gratitude for what God has given. Thus the woman can appear more confident and far more interesting with a positive aura is emitted. May be useful. (ST)


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