How to prevent pregnancy

Powerful Ways to Prevent Pregnancy
Business Opportunity-Oke.ComHow to prevent pregnancy
For those of you who do not want to have more children, but not like you do not have toparticipate KB hawatir, here I will share about a powerful way to prevent pregnancy.Actually a lot of ways to prevent pregnancy is one of them is to join the family planning program, but which I mentioned here are natural and no side effects whatever God willing.

Ways of preventing pregnancy 1

A. Take yeast 1/4 circle.
2. A small spoonful of pepper
3. Hot water 1/2 cup
4. 3 drops of vinegar

How to make:

Gilaslah pepper until smooth (soft) then all the ingredients together until evenly mixed.The herb is taken the day after the missed period. Perform up to four consecutive days.

2 ways to prevent pregnancy

First sexual intercourse (virgin sex)

A woman can get pregnant the first time they had sexual intercourse. Some womenbelieve that the hymen (Hymen) or a thin membrane at the opening of the vagina toprevent sperm from fertilizing an egg. Not just the hymen is stretched during pregnancy,but also many women who are stretching the hymen before having sex, because ofsports or horse riding.

3 ways of preventing pregnancy

Having sex during menstruation (according to Islamic Shari’ah is haram in doing)

While it is true that having sex during menstrual periods can greatly reduce the chances of getting pregnant, but still not a guarantee will not get pregnant. Many women haveirregular periods and ovulation can occur very close to the time when a woman ismenstruating. Sperm can also live inside a woman’s body for seven days, so even if a woman is menstruating, the sperm may end up waiting for him when the time ovulation.


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