How to take care of branched hairs?

Many women crave long black shiny hair, but to get it is not easybecause the treatment is quite complex. What is needed to get healthy hair, long beautiful shiny?
Most of those who complain of long hair, one hair problem that iscracked or split ends. And the matter was eventually forced the owner to cut it, although sometimes feel ‘sorry’ but there seems noother choice but to cut hair.
Before you cut your hair, you should analyze the causes of hair, for a moment the damage does not happen again.Causes of branched hairs are usually caused by excessive haircoloring without regular maintenance, use a hair dryer too often, toocoarse hair, and use a shampoo that does not match your hair typecan lead to damaged hair ends and split ends.
You do not need to worry, the hair can still be improved with regular maintenance. Want to try?
>>  Use conditioner and shampoo according to hair type.
After shampooing, do not immediately dried with a hairdryer. Let sitwell with aerated so that the hair dry naturally.
Perform maintenance with coconut oil (virgin oil) every other daybefore bed. Massage evenly throughout the hair to the root of the head.
If you find a branch at the end of the hair, cut a little at the end. Treat your hair so that branches do not spread to other hair.
Do not be too often bask in the sun, because it will make the hairbecome dry and damage hair.
Consumption of vegetables and fruits to help nourish the hair.
Good luck.
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