How to Treat Dandruff Hair…

Dandruff is actually a fungus that breed on the scalp. Generally, this fungus can occur due to several factors. Eg due to factors outsidebergonta shampoo, use hair spray, straightening or other chemicalsubstances. It could also be caused by allergies, stress, hormonal imbalance, a weak immune system, excess sugar and fat, or itsless well off.However, do not have to worry about this dandruff. There areseveral ways to treat your hair to dandruff disappears. And we do not need to pay the very expensive.Dandruff hair care tips

Use a dandruff shampoo for hair.
Use conditioner only on the tip of the hair.
Do not use towels, hair dry naturally.
Use a hair tonic.
Consumption of Vitamin A, E and C.
Choose products that are already in trust.


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