Importance of Sex Education in Children…

Have your child asks a question that makes you terkaget surprised, for example: “Why brother could have the mother’s womb?”, “Diapain was raped?”, “Masturbation / masturbation is what the heck?”, “Wet dream is?” Etc. .. etc.. Have you able to answer questions your child?

For some people may be uncomfortable to talk about, especially about sex, let alone discuss it with the kids. Children may be premature to know or talk about sex. But what about the children themselves, the era of globalization where all information can be obtained easily. Is turn a hand. Nowadays kids do not know where the heck the Internet.

Well, to avoid unwanted things, it helps parents guide their children so that they also received information about sex from their own parents. Sex education itself is very important as the efforts of parents to equip children to not get caught up in deviant behavior / sexual deviation.

How do we as parents megajarkan sex education? This can be done from within the family itself. eg separate daughters bed with boys, to teach girls to dress decently, to explain the differences and the female reproductive organs of men, how a woman can become pregnant, about menstruation, wet dreams about, puberty. Certainly in an easily understood without children consider it taboo. It is also to avoid the occurrence of sexual harassment is common in children because they are innocent and have not understood anything.

What if the child already see from the media (internet, magazines) about the pornography? It usually occurs in children who begin adolescence. As parents we must also give insight to our teenagers, that what they have seen it only be done when already married. Parents also play a role here to teach moral education and religious teachings slip that was followed. What are the risks when having sex outside his marriage in order to avoid child-free sex, abortion, venereal disease, HIV, etc.. What are its risks when it comes to pregnancy would be devastating for the future of their future.

As parents, let us guide our children to be open and consider them friends. So they get all the information from the parents themselves, including the issue of sex. With parental guidance and direction of our children hopefully avoid the negative things. So you as a parent masihkah considered taboo to talk about sex to your child?


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