The benefit to read the news….

A. Reading is an active mental process. Do not like sitting in front of an idiot box (TV, Plasystation, etc.), reading makes you use your brain. When reading, you will be forced to think of many things that you do not know. In this process, you will use the gray cells of your brain to think and become more intelligent.

2. Reading will improve your vocabulary .You  can learn how to think the meaning of a word (which you did not know) by reading the context of other words in a sentence. Books, especially the challenge, will reveal to you so many words that might otherwise not know.

3. Reading will improve concentration and focus. You need to focus on the book you are reading for longer periods of time. Unlike magazines, Internet or e-mail that contains only a small piece of information, the book will tell the whole story. Therefore you need to concentrate to read. Such as muscle, you will be better in the concentrate.

4. Building trust self. more you read, the more knowledge you have gained. With increasing knowledge, will further build confidence. So it was a chain reaction. Because you are a good reader, the people will seek you out to look for an answer. Do you feel about yourself, the better. [But remember, sincerity remains a way to achieve success, and be careful of the attitude of feeling proud of myself. Give thanks always to God for a bit of knowledge you have].

5. Increase memori.Many  studies showing that if you do not use your memory, you can lose it. Crossword puzzles are one example of word play that can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Read, although not a game, will help you stretch the “muscle” your memory the same way. Reading it requires memory for details, facts and pictures on the literature, plot, theme or character of the story.

6. Kedisplinan.Mencari increase the time to read is something that we already know to do. However, anyone who makes a schedule for reading each day? Only a very few. Therefore, adding a reading activity into your daily schedule and stick to that schedule would improve discipline.

7. Kretivitas.Reading  increase the diversity of life and open yourself to new ideas and new information will help the development of the creative side of your brain because your brain will absorb innovation into your thinking process.

8. Reduce kebosanan.Wrong a habit I have is, if I feel tired, then I would take a book and started reading. What I found to adhere to this practice is, I became increasingly interested in a discussion of the book and I was not bored anymore. I mean, if you feel bored, you’ll feel better by reading a good book, right? If you want to break the monotonous feeling lazy, and uncreative life and boring, then go and take an interesting book. Open the pages and explore a new world filled with information and intelligence.

Thank you for reading.



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