Tips to Treat Sore Throat…

1. Drinking warm water
2. Gargle with warm salt water.
3. Eating fruits.
4. Break sufficient

5. Avoid  drinks, like orange juice or beverage / other foods that are acidic which can irritate your throat

6. Avoid cigarette / smoke cigarettes / alcohol

7. Avoid consumption of foods that are greasy / fatty

8. Treatmentwith antibiotics is only effective if you get infected bybacteria.
Common antibiotics that can be used Amoxicillin and Cefadroxil. Irecommend this because the quality of generic drugs at cheap andits price of about Rp 15,000-an sucking X (10 tablets). This probablyalso the reason why my friend got a higher price than me.remember medication taken 2-3 times a day and should be spent.

9. If  cause is a virus, it can not be treated with antibiotics. You will only be given drugs that relieve symptoms, such as lower fever andrelieve pain with the use of antipyretics (fever lowering) oranalgesics (pain relievers). Analgesics and Antipyretics drug useas a pain killer to reduce pain and reduce the heat.
Its price of Rp 10,000-an sucking taken 3 times a day, if the heathas subsided in the drug should stop.

To avoid the spread of this disease in your family, make sure yourfamily members who are sick sore throat using eating utensils and drinking alone, (do not use with other family members), be sure to also towels, wipes separately from other family members.
Get used when sneezing / coughing to shut up.


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